International Global Health Committee of ISSHP/ISOM Committee

The joint International Global Health Committee of the International Societies for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy (ISSHP) and Obstetric Medicine (ISOM)  was established following the 2014 ISOM/ISSHP meetings in New Orleans, USA. There, it was emphasised that our organisations need a global perspective to address maternal death, near-miss, and chronic disability, the vast majority of which occurs in under-resourced settings.

The ISSHP/ISOMGlobal Health Committee consists of respective society members from all continents. They bring to the Committee the breadth of medical, general obstetric, and maternal-fetal medicine expertise, as well as strengths in clinical care and research, including discovery science.
See the Global Obstetric Medicine December, 2015 Newsletter on the website for more information.


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