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Being a member of the International Society of Obstetric Medicine means

How To Join

The ISOM is a very exciting society that enables its members to interact at a clinical, educational as well as a research level, with colleagues from around the world who are interested in Obstetric Medicine.

This interaction should not only enhance the professional development of the participating members, but should ultimately enhance and improve the care we provide to our patients whose pregnancy is complicated by medical disorders. 

We encourage you to join us in our endeavours and to share our passion. 

To become a member, you can register on-line now. If you are unable to register online please contact us.

Please note trainee members will not have access to the Obstetric Medicine Journal with their membership.

If you choose to register on line, you will be guided through your payment options when you have completed registration. The annual membership fees are

The annual membership fee can be paid by major credit card or on-line.  Online payments are accepted through Paypal® as a registered paypal® member. Money transfers through online banking systems is not possible currently. Paying by cheque? Please email to for mailing information.
Checks must be in US dollars.

Annual memberships are from January 1 to December 31 of the calendar year